Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

A long-time Phil’s World resident, Becca Jacobs from O Street Kitchen, wrote and cooked this delicious weeknight warrior recipe for us.

“This no-recipe recipe originated at my in-laws in Maine after a day spent enjoying the outdoors and recklessly building up an appetite. My mother-in-law reliably has some form of ground meat ready to go in the fridge along with some sort of potato, add whatever fixings you have in your fridge, and boom you’ve got loaded fries. Cut some potatoes into fry shapes, toss them with a dash of cornstarch or potato starch, plus oil, roasting at 425 F until done - about 35 minutes. Meanwhile, cook up your Phil’s Finest Lao Curry ground beef, and pop a lid on the pan when done to keep the meat moist. When everything is ready, layer the meat on top of the fries, and raid the fridge for your toppings bar! My go-to’s are Kewpie mayo, scallions, and something crunchy like sesame seeds, but you can adjust this to whatever you’ve got laying around.”

To find more of Becca’s work, find her on social at @ostreetkitchen