Big Kahuna Burger

ACTIVE: 30 minutes
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: grill (charcoal or gas)



  1. Heat your charcoal in a grill chimney; when all coals are red hot, carefully dump them into your charcoal grill. 
  2. While the charcoal is heating in the chimney, form your Phil’s Finest Korean BBQ beef into balls and press them into patties; each pack of ground beef mix should make 4 ea patties. 
  3. Gather your toppings and head out to the grill: colby jack, red onions, mayo, pineapple rings, and burger buns.
  4. Grill your burgers on one side until nicely charred; approximately 4 minutes. Flip your burgers add a slice of colby jack (or two if you want to get extra gooey) and repeat with the grill lid closed. 
  5. When you flip the burgers, throw your pineapple rings directly onto the grill; grill for 2 mins each side until they have nice grill marks. 
  6. While your burgers and pineapple are grilling, prep your buns with mayo and red onion. Slide the finished patties onto the dressed buns and enjoy!