Kale Chimichurri Chicken Sausage

1 Pack (10 oz)

May your days be zesty and bright! Chicken sausage with curly green kale and chimichurri seasoning. Perfect with pasta, breakfast tacos, or all by itself. Heat, eat!
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Meat + Veggies = All-in-One

100% Vegetarian Fed Chickens

All Natural & Unbelievably Tasty

Kinder to
the Planet

All Natural •
Gluten Free •
Pork Free •
Milk-Free •
No Antibiotics •
No Added Hormones •
No Added Nitrates or Nitrites

How To Enjoy

Crisp sausages with oil in a pan, bake or grill ‘em. Enjoy over rice, on a bun, or in a wrap. Add to pastas, soups, or stews.

Or try a recipe!