Lao Curry Carrot Ground Beef

1 Pack (14 oz)

Charming chili warmth, captivating carrot sweetness, aromatic curry bliss. Made in partnership with award-winning chef Boby Pradachith of Thip Khao, Padaek, and Hanumanh. Best charred on a grill or in a wok as patties, meatballs, or crumbles.
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Meet the Chef

We’re proud to partner with the amazing Boby Pradachith of Thip Khao, named one of the 100 most influential restaurants of the CENTURY in Washington, D.C. Boby is also co-owner of Padaek in Falls Church, VA. We think you’ll love this Lao Style twist.

Meat + Veggies = All-in-One

100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef

All Natural & Unbelievably Tasty

Kinder to
the Planet

All Natural •
Gluten Free •
No Antibiotics •
No Added Hormones •
No Added Nitrates or Nitrites

How To Enjoy

Form into patties, kabobs, meatballs, crumbles. Cook and enjoy!

Or try a recipe!