Double Smash Burger

Did you know we love burgers? Well, we do - all of them! But the smash burger will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s 1) much faster to cook than a more traditional, thicker patty, 2) is easy to cook in a regular pan, and 3) we love the flavor and texture of a crispy-caramelized smash patty. Melt gooey cheese over top and slap it between some buns and it’s light’s out.

If you haven’t made smash burgers at home before, reference this comprehensive guide put together by the inimitable Kenji Lopez-Alt – it’s served us very well in our smashing! Once you’re familiar with the smash methodology, deploy it on two Lao Curry beef patties – add caramelized onions and then melt colby jack over top. Pro tip: use a small metal bowl to cover your patties for an extra melt-factor and use your spatula and a hot pad to lift it once the cheese has melted. Stack those patties, put them on a toasted bun with some mayo and spicy pickles, and you’re in for a good time.