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We love to eat, and we also love the planet! Here at Phil’s Finest, we craft delicious pairings of meats and vegetables, starting with sausages and ground beef. We believe that meat-lovers, vegetable-aficionados, and everyone in between can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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More is more

Good things come from addition: more veggies, more flavors, and a more sustainable choice.

Abundant nutrition

Half vegetables, you say? When you pair healthy and delicious, what more could you need?

Better quality

We only ever use humanely-raised chicken and grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Why would you settle for less?

More sustainable

Our future isn’t meat-less, but it is less-meat! Doing better for the planet can be delicious.

Living life to the Phil-est

We’re the team behind Phil’s Finest (formerly known as Misfit Foods). We started in Phil’s college kitchen with the belief that food can bring people together over a meal as well as a mission - and few missions are as important as helping people eat less meat and more veggies.

The best adventures in life are the ones that take twists and turns, and a few years later, we swam with the sharks on Shark Tank, and shared over 2,000,000 sausages and burgers with you all. And the best is yet to come!


Phil got a deal on Shark Tank! Winner winner, chicken sausage dinner!

Phil's Finest Shop Phil's Finest Shop

A Saucie Sonnet

by Philliam Shakespeare

Equal parts veggie
Equal parts meat
A sprinkling of spice—
And your plate is complete

With twice the taste
—and veggies galore…
Add Phil’s to your grill
And see it do more!